New format for the Belgian Journal of Zoology starting 31st of March, 2024


At the last meeting of the editorial board of BJZ, it was decided to simplify the format of submissions. The following changes will be implemented as from March 31st, 2024.

  1. Our rules for cybersecurity need to be followed strictly, see the Submissions section. As before, submissions can only be done via email to and not via a link to a website. Such submissions will be ignored.
  2. The old template for papers is cancelled. As a rule of thumb, the format of the recently published papers on our website can be followed, and more details can be found in the Author guidelines under Submissions on the About page.
  3. BJZ will no longer make a distinction between Research articles and Short notes, which used to have a different format. From now on, there will only be full Research articles, which will follow the same format for the text (IMRAD structure -
  4. The style of references, both in the text and in the list of references, will be based on the APA format (, on which various reference management tools are based. For example: authors’ names of references will no longer be in small caps. Check the Author guidelines under Submissions on the About page for more details.